Are you organized?

I mean, really, are you on top of your day to day planning? 

40% of us are pretty good at it.  60% are not, and about 80% of that 60% (40% of everybody) sucks at organization. 

Are you confused?   No worries, let me try again.

40% of the population is organized.  40% is not.  And 20% are what many would consider, “sort of kind of organized……at times.”

Now, there are ways to fake it.  And here is something I find super fascinating:  Even the 40% who are disorganized can show some pretty striking aspects of organization.   But rarely all of the time, and almost never with a smile on their face.

Have you read the book, “Eat that frog”?

Brian Tracy is the author and if that mofo isn’t super high YELLOW (Goby term. ) which means he is an extreme organizer, then nobody is. 

So, he pens a book, and a very good book, but somehow fails to realize that a big big chunk of humans would rather stick their heads in a boiling vat of asphalt than live their lives making checklists of their checklists. 

For reals, by page 40, Mr. Tracy has mentioned the word “list” or “lists” at least two dozen times.

Okay, I am not ripping on Brian Tracy’s book.  I like it.  And I have learned quite a bit.  But as an ORANGE ( ) I know there is no fucking way I could follow his frog eating to a tee and be a happy person. 

Not a chance.

So, what I don’t know is if Brian Tracy knows this, and knew this before he sat down to write his first word, which I am guessing was “list.”

Or is he clueless that there are millions of people in America, just as smart as he is, or smarter, just as successful as he is or more successful, that would lose their innate soul if they were forced to live (at least from at work standpoint) the way he recommends?

Well, maybe he and I can have some civil discourse sometime soon.

In the meantime, if you need some help on your organization, as many of us do, check out his book.  First, however, find your goby at

With your results, you get a free 20 minute call with me to go over them.  Optional.  The report is easy to understand, but I know some personalities appreciate a voice explaining in more detail.

Stay colorful.                                                                                        .

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