Donald Trump is a primary ORANGE

Donald Trump is a primary ORANGE.  And I am not talking about his weird attempt at a fake tan.

His Goby is ORANGE first.  He is an energizer.

Think about people you know, co-workers, friends, or family.  Do you know anybody that is close or identical to the following:

-Easily distracted, tend to say what pops into their head.

-Wants to be the best, is very competitive.

-Wants to be treated like a rock star, and sometimes this leads to self-promotion.

These are ORANGE people.  Now, I’ve just laid out a few somewhat negative traits of an ORANGE person.  This does not mean that all ORANGE people are self-promoting, self-centered dbags with ADD.

But I am saying that if you know somebody with the above characteristics, they are primary ORANGE.  And if you know somebody with the above characteristics, and they work in your company, AND have been there for a while, I predict it is because they are in sales, and bring in a lot of revenue. 

That is the only reason why big knockers keep dbags like that around.

I am an ORANGE.   I want to be the best, I am competitive.  This is not a negative most of the time with ORANGE people.  But it can be.

Before I was self-aware, I had a tendency to want to be treated special.  Those days are long gone.

I am easily distracted, but can control what to say and when to say it when I want to.  But because I don’t want to refrain most of the time, I am self-employed. 

These ORANGE folks, I tell you, they make up 38% of the population.  We are out there, and we have all kinds of awesome qualities. 

We are good at sales.  We are good negotiators, and we tend to get shit done fast. 

But we get side tracked, aren’t the most organized and may get in trouble with our mouths on occasion.

And when you mix a primary ORANGE with a billionaire narcissist, you get our commander in chief.

Stay colorful. 

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