How your personality is affected by "Shelter in Place"

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I live in a world of colors.  Four colors, to be precise.  Green, orange, blue and yellow to be 100% specific.

I call Green people the Analyzers.

I call Orange people the Energizers.

I call Blue people the Harmonziers.

I call Yellow people the Organizers.


I can take a look at your closet and tell you what your primary color is.

I can ask you 5 to 10 questions and figure it out also.

And what does it mean, and why does it matter?

Well, it matters in every interpersonal relationship you have.  At home, at work, at school, etc.

And I have written about how those relationships are affected by different personalities, different primary colors, different spectrums.  You can find them at under the blog section. 

Today, I am writing about how your colors, your personality, is impacted because of Covid-19.

I haven’t written a blog post in a while.  This one, however, is one I needed to get out.  Even though I am tired, bloated, beat up from my brand new delivery driver position at Amazon (I can’t sit home, more on that in a bit, and my industry is shut down) this is a blog post that is long overdue, so I am forcing myself to write it on Wednesday, April 8th, 2020, day 22 or so of quarantine.


Here in Minnesota, and in many other states across the U.S.A., we have been ordered to “shelter in place.”  The reason is obvious, and the intentions from our leaders are good.  In addition to this shelter, many “non-essential” businesses are closed, temporarily.  With no end date stated, or really even projected.

This is fucking crazy…………….this is unprecedented (have you heard that word enough the past few weeks?), this is movie scene type of stuff.

Before I go any further, I feel it necessary to inform you that I have a B.S in Public Health.  Now, I will go on to tell you that I graduated in 1996, and I never did more than a few part time roles in Public Health before I entered the fitness business industry.   But the reason I feel it important to make in known about my background, is because I want you to know that I understand the importance of staying the fuck home.

And I am not following the rules, at least 100% of the time. 

I am a primary Orange, an Energizer.


Prior to the virus, I was a high functioning Orange.  I was always moving about, most evenings per week I was only home to sleep.   I was at Mark’s house a lot, on the front stoop, smoking a cigar and sipping on whiskey.  I was at Mike’s house a lot, hanging out with him and his dog’s who consider me part of their pack.  I was down in my hometown, hanging with the nephews.  I was at the bar for two beers, on a Tuesday night because I was bored and wanted to get out and walk a couple blocks.  I was on an airplane once or twice per month, as a consultant, helping business owners, folks who are now closed, hopefully only temporary.  I was at the gym 3 days per week.  I was running around Lake of the Isles 3 days per week. 

I did all of the above not just because I enjoy those things.  I enjoy those things because it appeals to my Orange.

But, us Oranges aren’t the most effected from this lock down, stay home, lest you be arrested, police state we are now living in.  Now, I could go off on a tangent, explaining the unconstitutionality of citing a person for going to their storage unit, but for the purpose of this blog post, let me stay on topic.

Blue people are suffering big time.  And especially Blue people who live alone and have non-essential jobs.

Blue people are the Harmonziers. They are the “people people.”

Blue folks need a lot of contact with their friends, and in person is preferred over digital.   Blue folks like to hug, bro-hug, arm around the shoulder, they crave human contact more than the rest of us.

Blue people also worry about their friends more than other folks, so this “shelter in place” situation is having a magnificent negative impact on them, compared to other people. 

Shell shock, battle fatigue, PTSD, that shit was real, is real, and is often not treated properly.

Well, we now have a new psychological issue and it will need to be addressed, especially if our “new normal” continues for several weeks.

Green people are not as affected by this new normal.

Yellow people also not as affected.

To be clear:  We are all affected, as we all have every one of the four colors. 

But your primary color defines you the most. 

If you are Blue or Orange, you are suffering more.  And if your primary color is Blue, with second color Orange (or vice versa), well, you my friend are likely not doing well, unless you have an essential job, but even then, it is not the same as it was in February.

So, I am asking you to go easy on people who you think may be breaking some rules.

Me:  I visit a friend who has a dog that I like to take for runs.  After our run, my friend and I sit far apart and have a few drinks.  I do a similar thing with another friend. 

We take precautions, but we are technically breaking the rules.  And if you have a problem with that, go fuck yourself, you self-righteous prig. 

Okay, that felt good to type.  So, are you curious about what your primary color is, and what your spectrum is?

Cool, then spend $29.00 and find out.  No, don’t do that.  Do it for free.  We are all in this together, and I don’t want your money.  Use that $29.00 and order some take out, have pizza delivered, or go to the liquor store (“ESSENTIAL, hell yes!) and get a bottle of hooch.

Take the Goby personality assessment FREE.  Click the link below, and have a quiet 5 to 7 minutes by yourself.  If you are a parent, I recommend going to the bathroom.

Stay colorful.


Jason Linse

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