If you were my friend.....

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I want to know your Goby.  If we are going to be friends, I need to know your Goby.  If we are going to be co-workers, it is essential that I learn your Goby.

If you are going to be in my life in any way, shape or form, our relationship will be 100 times better if I know your Goby, and you know mine.

If you are a primary GREEN:  Well, I will know that you are capable and competent when it comes to critical analysis.  You possess excellent critical thinking skills, and don’t let emotion get in the way of much of your decision making.  You are not easily offended, therefore may say some things that could come across as insensitive, but aren’t meant to be, it’s just that you prefer to hear the facts, the truth, and don’t need it couched in sensitivity, and you forget that sometimes other people aren’t the same.

If you are a primary GREEN and you work for me:  I won’t ask or require you to do any selling.  I won’t even expect you to deal with many people throughout your work day.  You will have a very independent position, and I will ask you for your thoughts and ideas on a regular basis and do my best to explain “why” we do anything and everything the way we do it.



If you are a primary YELLOW:  Well, I will know that you are neat, tidy, organized and detail oriented.   For the most part, you are a rules follower, and are the kind of person who plans and maps their day, week, month, career, and life.  I will do my best to be on time when we meet up and I will respect your tidiness and order in your home and car, despite the fact that I am a total slob, quite opposite of you. 

If you are a primary YELLOW and you work for me:   I will provide you as many details as possible regarding projects.  I will show up 5 minutes early to meetings, and end them when they are supposed to end.  I will recognize your ability to manage tasks and your strong organizational skills.  If I ask you to lead a team of salespeople, I will regularly remind you and the entire sales team that you are in this position, not because you were/are a Rockstar salesperson, but because of your ability to lead through organizing and managing tasks.


If you are a primary BLUE:  Well, I will know that you are a people person, that you consider others and their feelings, and that you see friends and even co-workers as “family.”  I will know that your positivity and concern for my well being is not phony, that it is actually you being a friend.  I will know that I can count on you if I need you, and that you will drop anything if I am in need.

If you are a primary BLUE and you work for me:  I will recognize your awesome ability to communicate. I will not ask you to be confrontational, and I will go to you if I need to get the “pulse” on the culture of the company.  If possible, you will be a person who spends time with new hires, and for any company outing/event you will be aske to be part of the committee in charge.


If you are a primary ORANGE:  Well, I will know you are a lot of fun, not the most punctual, get bored and distracted easy, but can be very persuasive.  I will know that you are likely competitive, that you can come across at times as flaky, but you are not flaky, you are just not the most organized person. 

If you are a primary ORANGE and you work for me:  You will be in sales or sales support.  You will be given some, but very little leeway when it comes to punctuality and getting things done on time.  You will be in a position with goals, friendly competition, and you will not be asked to tackle any project that takes a long time, unless properly supervised.  I will acknowledge every single sale that you make no matter how small it is.


I want to know your Goby.


Do you want to know yours?


Stay colorful

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