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It has been reported that Kirk Cousins spreadsheets his entire day, from waking up to sleepy time. 

In 10 minute increments.



Well, if this is true, and it sounds like it is, we know Kirk Cousins’ Goby.  Well, we may not know his entire Goby spectrum, but we sure as heck know his primary color:

Yellow.  24 Yellow.  Like, if he was any more Yellow, he would be a banana.

Yellow people are also called Organizers.

And Kirk is one of them.

And I wouldn’t want a Yellow quarterback on my team.  I am serious.  I could have saved the Redskins a draft pick in 2012, and I could have saved the Minnesota Vikings $84 million dollars. 

My favorite team, the Vikings, could have kept the Orange scrambler Case Keenum and won more games this year.

And I am only writing this now, after a disappointing season, one that included a last game of the year egg laying by my favorite team, led by Mr. Organizer Yellow himself, Kirk Cousins because I only found out (as did a few million viewers) about Captain Kirk’s uber organized spreadsheeted days when Troy Aikmen announced It during the broadcast.

Okay, why am I suggesting, no, stating, that Yellow quarterbacks shouldn’t be on NFL rosters?

Yellow people aren’t the best (and often incapable) of making quick adjustments, and thinking on their feet.

In other words, they can’t ad lib.  They don’t like change and don’t like when things don’t go as planned. 

Oranges, the polar opposite of a Yellow, can think on their feet.

Brett Favre is perhaps the best example of a high Orange quarterback.  And yes, he had his shortcomings.  He drove coaches and fans nuts.

You lived with him and you died with him.

But he didn’t care for regimens, or spreadsheets, heck he didn’t even know what cover 2 defense was until his second year in the NFL.

“Jason, are you saying that if you were an NFL General Manager, you would only draft of sign Orange quarterbacks?”

Yes, BUT not as high of Orange as Brett Favre.  How about an Orange/Yellow or a Yellow/Orange?  Those two colors one and two, but just NOT 24 Yellow. 

Drew Brees.

Tom Brady.

Carson Wentz.

Andrew Luck.

Those are four examples of quarterbacks who are Yellow enough to be organized, yet Orange enough to make quick ass adjustments.

NFL scouts and General Managers should send their prospects through Goby, and save everybody, especially the fan base, a lot of time.

Jason Linse

Master Trainer


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