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The Goby personality assessment has many applications.   It will help you understand yourself better, your co-workers better, your wife, your husband, your parents, your kids, everybody you know.

In business the applications are several as well.

It will help you be a better leader, it will help you be a better follower, a better co-worker, a better employee.

Goby also can help you become more physically fit, as well as emotionally fit.

Let me give you an example of how Goby can help you know if a job candidate is the right fit.

Position:  Entry level outside sales

Candidate’s Goby spectrum:  20 Green, 16 Yellow, 14 Blue, 10 Orange

Don’t hire them.  Don’t even interview them.

Post the ad, get a resume you like, send them to the Goby assessment, get the above spectrum back, send them a letter saying, “thanks but no thanks”. 

I just saved you a ton of time.  At least an hour or so of an interview, but quite possibly you would have hired them, and found out the hard way that they would not be a good fit.

"Goby, are you telling me that a 5 to 7 minute assessment (6 questions, ranking in order) can tell me if I should consider hiring a job candidate or not?"

Yes, that is what I am telling you.

Too many assessment companies are not interested, or brave enough to come out and say what they know is true:  A person’s four quadrant personality spectrum can 100% tell you, IN MOST POSITIONS, if they are worth more consideration, or not.

In the above example, candidate, let’s call him John, is a high GREEN, medium YELLOW, medium BLUE, and low Orange. 

John is an Analyzer/Organizer.  Ah, well, Goby that is good isn’t it?  Not for outside sales.  That is a hustle, grind, persuasion, commission, money motivated, and goal achieving position. 

John will come across as a dickhead or an asshole to many people, and this doesn’t mean he is a dickhead or an asshole.  John could be the nicest dude on the block with a big ole heart, but he is not going to impress prospects.

Jason, the next candidate is 21 Orange, 19 Green, 12 Yellow, 8 Blue.

Hire him.  Now.  Okay, calm down, don’t hire him now, but put him in the “we like him so far” pile.

Assuming he performs well in an interview, and passes background and drug tests, I can tell you that his color spectrum makes him a very good fit for your entry level outside sales position.

Jason is an Energizer/Analyzer.  He will enjoy the out of the office job, like the hustle of sales, can think on his feet, and be comfortable being direct and asking for sales.  He may not be the most organized, but if you have not already figured out that the best salespeople almost always struggle with organization, you haven’t been around very long.

So, there you go.  You currently spend money on a background check to make sure your new hires don’t have felonies or are pederasts.  You spend money to make sure your new hires haven’t snorted blow the past two days. 

Why not FIRST at least make sure they are even right for the position based on their personality?

Jason Linse

Goby Master Trainer

612 310 1319

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