The Color of Leadership

Many companies, the people that get promoted are the ones who produced the most.   It makes sense, doesn’t it?  Take a company, let’s call it Acme Electric.  Acme Electric hires Eric.  Eric turns out to be a rock star salesperson.  Eric sells and sells, and produces and produces.  Eventually, Eric gets promoted to Sales Manager.  And Sales Mangers at Acme Electric spend most of their time in managing and leading and hardly any time selling.


And Eric is a primary ORANGE.  In fact, Eric is 22 ORANGE, so a HIGH primary ORANGE.

Eric ends up sucking as a leader and in fact hates it.  He wants to sell, so he finds a way to do more of that which compromises his time spent leading his team of salespeople.

Another thing Eric does is try to teach all of his team members to sell the way he does.  Then he gives up on that, develops a bad attitude and runs round the office saying things like, “Sales can’t be taught. You either have it or you don’t.”

Sooner or later, Eric has a disgruntled, and underperforming team of salespeople.  They are unhappy, Eric is unhappy, and his bosses are unhappy.

Heads roll, tempers flare, people start looking elsewhere. 

Some of you reading this know exactly what I am talking about. 

I am not suggesting that all ORANGE people are poor at leadership.  But here is what I AM saying:

ORANGE people are often successful in sales positions because they value freedom and flexibility.  They don’t like to be micro managed, and they often thrive in a competitive environment.  This means that often times, when they get promoted because many companies promote producers, they end up in a leadership role.  And this could be a role that they adjust to and do well with, but many times it doesn’t go well.

YELLOW people do well in leadership and management roles.  But many of them don’t get the opportunity maybe because they were good at sales but not great at sales, and lost out on a promotion to Joe primary ORANGE who can’t plan where his next meal is coming from.

If companies used personality assessing, Goby combined with continuing education and application of the tool, I know that they would be so much more productive and profitable. 

They would experience much better communication between departments and within departments.  Leadership would learn the invaluable strategy of treating everybody the same, but coaching them differently based on their personality spectrum.

Go to and take the FULL assessment.

And stay colorful!

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