Why Corporate America is Yellow

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Organized people (Yellow people in the Goby assessment) are the most annoying people in my life.

I appreciate their neatness, tidiness, and task master attitude, and I guess I can admit to be sort of jealous of it.

But of the four primary Goby colors, they are the most likely to be inflexible.  In other words, they can be bossy and controlling, being quite stubborn when it comes to the ability to understand that most people are NOT like them.  And that about 40% of people are very opposite of them. 

Yellow people fill up the public and private school systems.  Teachers, administrators, all very Yellow.

The whole god damn day is planned and orchestrated to the minute.  Heck, a bell rings on a regular basis in most schools. "Task complete!  Move to the next thing!"

And then we have corporate America.  Also full of Yellow people.  Middle management, upper management, all Yellow as hell. 

Yellow people get shit done.  The best companies have plenty of Yellow people.

But the best of the best recognize this:  Being organized and checking things off of lists is important, but not as important as bringing in fresh new revenue every day.

Sales is the lifeblood of every business.  Salespeople are the most important people in any business.

Even if you are a business to consumer online type of retailer, where a customer is buying cheap shit and doesn’t have to talk to a person to buy it, you still must have some salespeople selling something to someone right?

And salespeople are Energizer (Orange people in the Goby assessment).  They are not organized, and you don’t care.  You care that they are motivated to make sales, and compensated enough to be motivated.

And you have to keep them in motion, can’t let them be idle.

And you sure as hell don’t promote your best salespeople to management, which is a mistake I see all of the time.

Sales Manager?  I hope you don’t expect her or him to do a lot of “managing”. 

I spent a lot of time in the fitness industry and I remember one big box chain fitness center I worked at.  They would promote the best membership salesperson to be the sales manager, and the best membership salesperson was always Orange and almost never organized.

He or she would take the position, a promotion, more pay, etc.  And he or she would do less or no more selling and would now be in a position to lead 4 to 6 salespeople.  That takes organization. 

So, what is the answer?  It’s actually pretty simple, it just aint easy.  And that is the rub in this world, certainly in the American business world.  Most of what it takes to be successful is rather simple.  But it is never ever easy.

You keep your Orange salespeople selling, and you have Yellow people lead them.  The challenging part is getting the entire team to understand WHY you are doing this, explaining personality differences, strengths and weaknesses.

I can help you make it much easier, however. 

Use Goby.

First step:  email me jason@jasonlinse.com  with “Goby” in the subject line and I will get you back some free information.

Stay colorful.

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