We are Goby


Jason Linse, founder and President, but prefers to simply go by “Linse”, was fortunate to meet Bruce Martin and Kathy Martin a few years ago.  Jason was launching a new career as a self-employed consultant, targeting fitness center owners.  He wanted a tool that would differentiate him from other consultants.

He knew that Kathy and Bruce had developed a tool, a communication and personality assessment, and had traveled all over the country impacting companies like McDonalds, and Coca Cola, helping these organizations with team building and corporate communications.

Jason wanted to learn how to implement this tool.

Kathy and Bruce saw something in Jason, and agreed to make him a master trainer. 

After seeing how much value this tool brought to his business coaching, Jason bought the rights to use the assessment.

Kathy and Bruce are Goby.  They are mentors, consultants, coaches and family.  They each have a PhD in Education and are experts in experiential learning. 


Josh Schaubach is Goby.  Josh hired Jason for some fitness center coaching.  Josh was already the most successful fitness center franchisee for Snap fitness at the time.  About a year later, Jason approached Josh with an opportunity to be part of Goby.  Josh was excited about the opportunity.  Josh is a proven leader, motivator, sales expert, and looks forward to speaking to organizations about how Goby can take them from good to great.